Thursday, June 5, 2014

Oliver + S Bucket Hat

A few days ago, I read this post on Probably Actually about summer hats for kids. I just so happened to be in need of a larger summer hat, and it seems like every sewing blogger I read is enamored with Oliver + S, so I decided to give this free pattern a try. I have to say, it feels a bit like I'm getting involved with some sort of drug dealer, where the first hit is free.....

Anyway, all in, this project took an evening, from about 7-10 pm. I had the fabric and interfacing on hand, though I wish I'd had some brown thread given my fabric choice. It would have made the bit of unevenness where I attached the last part a bit less noticeable, but I wanted to knock this out quickly so I used the lighter tan that I had. The pattern directions themselves were well written and clear, though attaching the sides to the circular top was definitely a bit fiddly.

Progress shot - eek, not looking cute yet!

Oh so many pins while I was attaching the brim. Since I was attaching the floppy hat to the slightly stiffened brim, I wanted to make sure they were attached evenly.

It came out pretty cute in the end! (disregard the mulch pile in the background - we have work to do!)

I contemplated adding some ties or a velcro strap to keep it on, but opted against it as it would sort of undo the reversibility of the pattern. Despite somehow mostly showing the pink and brown side, I do really like the green polka dotted other side! I think it fits really well in circumference, but I feel like it could be about an inch taller. If (and probably when, because more sun hats are better than less!) I make this again, I think I'll add some height to the side panels so that it comes down a bit lower on the forehead. I'm not itching for my next Oliver + S hit JUST yet, but I feel like once my sewing studio is up and running, I might feel the urge!


  1. OMG Thats adorable! Now my kids need to give me grandkids so I can make one....

  2. Very cute! I need to make one for Dylan, have had the pattern pieces cut out for awhile.... For now he seems to not mind the too-big hand-me-down from Ethan!