Thursday, June 12, 2014

Knit. Breathe. Repeat.

Despite being nearly mid-June by now, it's been a cold and rainy week. Which suits me just find to be honest.

I'm working on the Nova dress. I've been picking away at it for about 2 months now.

Despite it just being miles of stockinette, I've made at least two mistakes and one mistake that wasn't really, it was how the pattern was written but I didn't like it. Therefore the first three decreases are leaning the wrong way as I modified how I was knitting them but didn't bother to rip it back.

I did, however, rip back the first sleeve. Twice. First I tried to knit them two at a time, which I do for socks and is fine, but with striping, was a huge mess. Rip. Then I was about 4 stripes in, dropped a few stitches, couldn't handle it. Rip.

Finally I got it together on the sleeves. I knit one up to the end of the increases, set that aside and knit the other up to the decreases. It turns out that what people say is true, different needles give you a different gauge. I don't have it in me to rip again, so I'll just finish the sleeve on the metal circs and go back and continue knitting the one I started on the DPNs with the circs. That's what I did the rest of the dress in, so that makes sense. Anyway. Knit. Breathe. Repeat.


  1. I used to knit. Helped me to feel productive when I was relaxing :) Your dress looks beautiful!

  2. Lovely! My grandmother, aunt, and mother could all knit. But I can't, sorry to say. My talent lies in writing.

  3. Oh I wish I could knit. It just seems so therapeutic to me. Lovely colors you have chosen too :-)

  4. I've knit a few washcloths in my life, but that's it. And hey, can I just send you hug?