I started this page at the end of August 2014 to keep track of all the projects I'm currently working on. As much as I love my Ravelry project library, it's limited to yarn craft only, and I have more I'd like to track! Where applicable, I've included links to the relevant posts/links

2015 - in progress
Uncommon Dragon Socks
Toddler tube socks
Brooklyn Bridge Cardigan

sock yarn blanket

Hex Quilt
Tova Top

other craft:
burlap pin boards
garden markers

on deck:
eczema cream
lip gloss
bug spray
burlap toy basket
photo memory game
birthday banner
crib quilt
embroidery hoop storage baskets

2015 - completed projects
04.27 - Lavender linen spray
04.11 - Pillowcases, Peasant dress for Cristy
04.11 - 2 drawstring project bags
04.11 - 4 reversible headbands (3 child, 1 adult)
04.10 - flour sack preemie hat - donated
04.04 - flour sack preemie hat - donated 
04.03 - vanilla socks for me, Opal, self striping
04.03 - Miss Maggie Rabbit
03.23: Handkerchief sleeve dress
03.08: zippered project bag
02.23: white baby blanket
02.23: crochet bath puff
02.16: Preemie Swirl Hat- donated
02.16: test project bags, 2
02.13.: Quaker Ridge Shawlette for me
01.27: Chilly Podsters for me
01.23: Vanilla hat for me
01.17: Bleecker Street Cardigan for me
01.04: 2 pairs striped legwarmers for Cristy

2014 - completed projects
12.15: Double layer toddler mittens
12.04: Two pairs knit Toddler mittens - purple and navy
11.16: Toddler mittens and split brim hat
11.15:  vanilla socks for me, Regia, self striping
11.14: Toddler mittens
10.15: Toddler mittens
10.15: Crocodile Stitch Booties
10.05: Split brim toddler hat for N
09.30: Nova sweater dress
09.22: Wonderful Wallaby for N
09.20: Cottage Slipper Socks 
09.16: Cottage Slipper Socks, 4 snap scarves
08.30: Cottage Slipper Socks
08.18: Kitty softie
08.08: Howard Hoodie
08.05: blue booties
07.29: Delilah Top
06.24: Dolly softie
06.23: Yarn basket
06.05: Oliver+S Bucket hat
04.08: Tube Socks
03.04: First pair toe-up socks

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