About Me

I live with my family in middle America, in a small city along the lake. I'm a professional creative - I work full time as an architect. I spend my days designing spaces, and I dabble in any number of passing and long lasting creative pursuits in the remaining hours of the day. My most frequent efforts in the past few years have revolved around knitting, crochet, sewing and writing. In the past decade they have included bookmaking, soapmaking, furniture building, upholstery, gardening and probably more. There's very little I wouldn't like to try! I just love the idea of creating something tangible that wasn't there before.

I started my shop, Cozy Cape Cottage, in 2012 when several members of a mothers group took interest in some of my handknits. I'd dabbled with Etsy in the past but never made much of it, so this felt like a good opportunity to try it again. My shop is currently closed as, 2 kids later, I haven't had the time to produce the quantity of quality products that I want represented in my shop. I'm hopeful to re-open in the future!

Why Cozy Cape Cottage? I feel like it works for me on a number of levels. I didn't want a name that was specific to knitting because I know myself and that my interests were likely to stretch and grow. I wanted to be able to include sewn items under the same name, and who knows, maybe someday I'll be painting or trying out pottery. I didn't want to simply use my name, so I looked to my home. Ours is a cape cod style house, and we actively work to make it our home. Cozy because, well, it is, but we don't mind living small, and I liked the correlation between knitted items and warmth as well. Cottage was both an alliterative device as well as a reference to cottage industry. And that's how I landed at Cozy Cape Cottage.

I'd like my blog to be many things - an extension of my shop, a peek into my process. A place to express myself. Another attempt at documenting my life, as I've done through other blogs before, and journals and diaries before that. A way to reach out and connect with other people. A way to share my thoughts and ideas. I've been an avid blog reader for many years, and I hope that I can provide even a fraction of the inspiration I've gotten from others.

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  1. Hi! I have nominated you for Liebster "Award" - a blogging initiative to get to know each other better. Please take a look at my post here: http://silkandwool.eu/2014/06/15/liebster-award-lets-get-to-know-each-other/. It would be lovely if you pass it on, too!.

    Leyla from Silk&Wool