Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What the "polar vortex" means to me

It's cold and it's dark, and there is precious little that makes me think that prying myself from my warm bed is a viable idea. And this is despite investing in a programmable thermostat that warms the house up to a tolerable temperature and a sunrise alarm clock that is supposed to trick me into thinking that there might be something worth seeing. Oh no self, you can't outsmart me. I know that the blanket fort is where it's AT.

On my day off this week I rearranged the furniture in my living room to resemble a giant couch-bed and piled it high with blankets while decked out in my snuggliest fleece. I considered this a perfectly reasonable way to spend the day.

At any given time, I might be wearing 2-3 full outfits simultaneously. No, I don't pick out my work clothes this time of year based on what might look cute. I choose my pants based on which ones have enough extra room to fit my under armor running tights and still button. Which in itself is laughable, because I don't run, and I sure as h*ll don't run when it's cold!!

I don't tend to dress in bright colors. I know that probably there is some psychology that says that seeing bright, cheerful colors boosts one's outlook....but again, I'm too smart for that nonsense, self. You might be able to get away with that in springtime, when it might actually warm up to a reasonable temperature in the foreseeable future. But now? It's January. The BEGINNING of January. I know that this is only the beginning, and therefore I prefer to tuck in and pile on as much clothing as possible, most of which is black....gray....charcoal if I'm feeling crazy/it happens to be a thick sweater. Maybe the dark colors remind me of still being asleep? Warm in my bed? Which is my favorite thing lol.

I also begin to seriously regret not knitting more for myself. I would love to have a good pair of wool socks and a super cozy oversized grannyish sweater. Instead I just put on as many thin Old Navy sweaters as I can get away with and make a mental note to spend time this summer knitting for ME. Yes, it might be somewhat unpleasant if it's 80 degrees....but the payoff will be worth it!

I begin to think crazy skewed thoughts when facing a high of -10 with windchills around, oh, -50. Thoughts like oh, it's going to get up to 10 degrees today! Above zero! That sounds not so bad! And what's that you say? Almost UP to freezing this weekend? Huh, might as well chuck the hats and play outside!

Mostly though, I keep these thoughts to myself and thank my lucky stars that I don't actually HAVE to spend any time outside. It also gives me the thought to clear out that basket of "just in case I need it" winter stuff like hats and gloves that I don't really wear, and get myself to the nearest shelter. Like tonight.

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