Thursday, January 9, 2014

So do something about it then

So in yesterday's post, I was hyperbolically complaining about the cold like so many of us do in these ridiculous-even-for-winter weather conditions, just generally trying to be funny. But then I went to wrap it up with the realization that, uh, not only do I not actually have to go outside in said cold for more than about a minute per day, but I have more than sufficient means to keep warm. Which then made me feel like a total whiny....well, a-hole.

Rather than delete the whole thing, I decided to make it a self-teachable moment. I immediately looked up a local charity that I actually volunteered for in the food pantry several years back - to get my architectural license I logged about 80 hours of community service. Isn't that funny that it's a requirement for a professional license? I don't know the details of WHY it's required, but I kind of liked it. It seems like unless you are part of a religious organization, which I am not, many of us fall out of any kind of volunteerism as adults, so it was a nice push. Anyway, I saw that they give clothing right to the people who need it, which is exactly what I was looking for. I often give to Goodwill, but I feel like they just resell donated goods and use the profits to help people - which is great, but I have a perfectly good down jacket that right now could be much more useful on someone's back than as cash in pocket, you know?

Pardon creepy dog-flash-eyes. He can't resist something soft on the floor.

So yeah, I found a coat from college that is super warm that I forgot I even HAD, so clearly, I don't need it. I also found a bunch of hats, scarves and mittens that are in great shape that I just don't wear.

I even found one of my very first crochet projects, a VERY unfortunately colored blanket. It's hideous, and I must have run out of purple so I decided that neon would be the perfect thing to make it longer? Good lord, I have no idea. BUT, it's actually seamed together pretty sturdily and it's quite soft. May as well give it a shot at some use rather than hiding out in ugly shame under my bed, along with a couple sweatshirts that haven't seen much action.

So yeah, I don't know. I didn't sit down to do resolutions, but don't be a jerk whiner and help others seems like a pretty adequate goal for life in general. I'll be dropping off these 3 bags of warmth tonight, and meanwhile trying to complain about my first world problems a little less.

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