Wednesday, December 15, 2010

LED Christmas lights

A few weeks ago I posted about getting some new Christmas lights for my tree.  I decided to go LED since I was excited that they had come out with better shapes and warm light.

They had the display set up at Target so that you could compare the lights to one another, and my new warm white light color looked just like traditional white lights....when next to cool white lights.  When I got them lit up on my tree, they were very WHITE.  I have some old traditional white lights hung on the other side of the room, not pictured, and the light is muuuuch more yellow.  Not to say that the warm WHITE lights are bad....just not quite what I expected.

Plus they are really bright.  It's taken some getting used to actually.  Now that we've had them up for a few weeks, they've grown on me.  Unless you are looking at them and move quickly - it sort of makes you a bit dizzy.  (these aren't the world's best photos....but then I'm not the world's best photographer, so that makes sense.)

So there you have it - my foray into energy efficient holiday lighting.  Oh, and if you're wondering, this is 2 strands of 200 bulb strings on about a 7' tall tree.  Making all the reviews I read about needing 1,000 lights for a tree that size absolutely ludicrous.  You'd be able to see it from the moon with that many lights.

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