Tuesday, December 21, 2010

cute or weird?

Maybe it's because I'm freakin freezing all the time lately, but I have knitting and warm and soft textures on the brain.  I posed this question to my husband the other day - would one of these be cute or weird?

And just so we're all on the same page people - I'm talking about the pouf, not the kid!

He responded that he thought it was kind of weird.  To this, I sent about 4,000 images showing him why he is wrong.

I took a leap and found a great deal (well, hopefully great - I'll let you know my source once I get my order to ensure that it's good quality) on yarn....so I ordered it.  Yep, I'm going to attempt to DIY.  Because it's not like I don't already have eleventy-five other projects going on at the moment.  Oh wait, yes I do.  Well, maybe I'll make a pouf.  Maybe I'll make a mess.  And yes, I'm a little afraid I'll end up like this:

So, what's your vote?  Cute, or weird?

(I did my best to link to all my photo sources, but because I collected most of them all at once to photobomb my husband, I didn't do a great job with that.  If you find a source that I didn't link to, let me know and I'll be happy to add it!)


  1. hahahaha, I'm visiting your blog for the first time!!! I love it!! I especially got a kick out of your fitnesswk2 post....you watched Biggest Loser...hahahahahahaha. I laugh because I have the same problem. :) hahahahahaha. I do love me some Biggest Loser though. I get soo emotional for them at the end...soo proud. :) I LOVE the knit beanbag chair thingy's. SUPER cute!!! I want one!!! :)

  2. cute!! we bought a couple a few years ago and they are amazingly useful for lazing around. we loved them. now, they no longer match our decor and we used them so much, they're kind of sad-sack looking -- we need to get new ones, but have a million things ahead in the to-buy line. so impressed you're making your own!

    1. I did end up making one and totally get what you mean about "sad sack" looking. It's basically a pet bed now. :\ I guess that's good to know that the retail ones don't fare much better!