Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's hard to be a perfectionist when you are not perfect

So my very good friend is having her first baby this summer, and of course, I wanted to knit something for her. The only problem with knitting something intricate and complicated is that my friend is an overachiever, and she's having twins.

So while she missed out on getting, say, something like this:


it was the perfect opportunity to try a pattern I'd been waiting to do for awhile that I knew I'd have time to make two of. (In a size big enough to fit this winter, in case the weather ever remembers that it's spring, nearly summer.)

So make them I did! I did inverse colors, so the body of one is the same color as the trim on the other. I got all the way to picking up the final trim on the second hat when I noticed something. Can you see it? How about now?


I must have purled where I was supposed to knit. It would have been a lot of fiddling to rip it out. My knitting group said I should just put a flower or something on it.....and maybe if it had been closer to the front....but no. No this could not stand. Not for myself, and definitely not for a gift. In the end, I decided it would be easier just to knit a whole new one, and the defective one could become a quite serviceable stuffed animal hat here.

I put the pair of pixie hoods together with some of the best blankets ever from the registry - I ALWAYS buy at least one thing off the registry. She picked it out for a reason, right? It also just so happened - seriously, by accident - that the colors matched the hats exactly. I also included a pair of books, as books were requested by the shower hostess. I chose one of our favorites and another by the same illustrator. All in all, I think it shaped up pretty cute, and now the world knows that exactly one single wrong stitch will keep me up at night.


  1. Good for you. Sorry I wasn't there AGAIN last night. Sick cat. I would have told you to make another one.

  2. Beautiful shower gift! Yes, I agree with Carole - I would've made a new one, too! And I'm sure the little stuffed animals around your house will appreciate a new hat!

  3. See, you ladies know how it is. Even if no one else knows or cares that it's wrong....we know.