Saturday, October 12, 2013

Has this ever happened before?

On deck for me today:

9:00 - brow wax
9:15 - manicure/pedicure
11:15 - massage

Whaaat?! I think the last time I was THAT pampered was the day before my wedding. And I didn't get a massage that day, and I probably was stressed out about something. How did I get myself such a trifecta (quadfecta?) of a day? Well, I got a gift certificate/reimbursement thing from work a few months ago for a job well done that I could use for ANYTHING I wanted. I wanted to use it all up at the same time because I needed to put it all on one expense report. I originally planned to just get the mani/pedi and buy myself some gift certificates for massage so that I could make the pampering last as loooong as possible. However...yesterday I started to feel my neck going out AGAIN (seriously, that would be the sixth time this year....I thought it was a joke that you start falling apart at 30. It is not.) so I lucked out in that I could actually get in for one today. Huzzah! And I'll still pick up a certificate for another at a later date.

I'm just guessing. But I think it will be the best. day. ever!

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