Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Possibly overdoing it....

Each day has it's own little rhythm, but they're basically five workdays book ended by two lovely slices of weekend days. The weeks go by one pretty much just like the last, and that's cool, but then I got a little itch. I thought, I have to DO something. I need a task, something to keep my hands busy. So I decided, hey, I'll upholster a chair. I gathered up some research materials, but I didn't really do much. Even though I wanted to do something, inertia is a beast. So then I was approached about drawing up a house for someone, and I thought, Ok, I'm not really doing anything anyway. So I worked on that a little here and there when I had a free weekend day, and then I got cold and thought I need to knit stuff so I got a whole truck load of yarn that I needed to wind into balls pretty much immediately. In the meantime, I've still got that house project going on and the chair is LOOKING at me and the husband is using the computer anyway so YES grab some tools and start deconstructing the chair! I worked on that for a few days non-stop, and then I had to do serious work on the house project, and then I was tired so I started knitting one night and HEY I got a mixer for Christmas and yay fresh bread! But then my living room looked like crap so I thought I should cut everything out for the new pieces for the chair so that's all in carefully disarrayed piles because whoops! Project deadline! Commence three straight 12 hour days of ridiculous focus and intensity in drawing. I sent it off to the client today and I really hope they don't have many changes because I don't think I can look at it right now, especially not with the mess in my living room that has grown past the point of "I'm in the middle of this and don't want to lose my place" and now is in danger of permanently looking that way and hey wouldn't it be fun to build some furniture from knock off wood.....Um, did I mention that I work full time?


I may have a little problem, wherein I like to do things all or nothing, and all at the same time, and if it ain't the deep end then I don't want anything to do with it.  However, running at this speed for the past two months has worn me down a little bit.  So new rule? Finish chair. THEN knit the pouf. THEN take a nap for crying out loud.

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